More control over information access

Multiple firewalls protect your vital documents against unauthorised access and document management permissions provide full password control; reinforcing the security and privacy of all sensitive material information.

Better protection against data loss

Laptops can be lost, hard drives can fail, and servers can crash. Storing and managing information in the cloud protects companies against accidents that can occur to physical devices.

Seamless scalability for future

Our solution is fully scalable, giving you total flexibility and cost control as your company grows.

   Secure Cloud Based Filing Cabinet – Available 24/7

   No additional hardware required and fully scalable dependent on your needs

   Browser Independent – works on any device with web connectivity

   Fixed Filing Structure – consistency makes your documents easy to locate

   Bespoke client branding – applying your own identity

   Publish any type of file format – PDF’s, word, photographs, media

   Quick and easy set-up

   Global search facility

   Easily integrates with external applications i.e. iAuditor

   Zip download facility - swift downloading of multiple files


Freedom from the responsibilities of server ownership

Operating servers can not only be a drain on your businesses resources but could also cost you lost revenue during any down time. Companies that leverage Asyst365 cloud solutions are liberated from not only the initial costs of buying dedicated hardware and software, but also from the unpredictable costs of ownership. Cloud systems deliver an average uptime of 99.97%

Minimum capital expenditure

Hosted storage and software services are classified as operating expenses, while in-house servers and software licenses are categorised as assets (which depreciate and require eventual replacement). Companies pay for hosted services much like they do utility bills.This accounting re-categorisation enables companies to maintain their capital budget for other projects. External hosting often gives greater reliability than in-house office servers which have a reputation for downtime that stalls work progress; cloud systems deliver an average uptime of 99.97%



Why choose Asyst 365?

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